Do Facebook Posts Change Hearts & Minds?

Every now and then I get an email or an instant message scolding me for using Facebook to address serious social issues such as abortion. The content of such messages is always the same. First, the sender claims that no one ever changed his mind because of such a post. Next, the sender claims that such posts are actually counter-productive because they cause people offense, which makes them move away from the position you are actually advocating. A recent message I received seems to put the lie to both of those claims. Accordingly, I submit the following for your consideration:

I met you in the summer years ago when I attended Summit Ministries ( I’ve wanted to send you a message for a while now, but have been hesitant to do so. In short, I would like to thank you. I was a freshman in college when I went to Summit, and it was one of the most impactful two weeks of my life. However, the year that followed was a dark one. I attended one of the biggest party schools in my state, and was soon consumed by that lifestyle; it quickly spiraled downhill from there. I ended up walking away completely from my faith to chase after all sorts of worldly pleasures. About a year later, I found out I was pregnant. I was 19 years old and very much alone at the time. Shame and guilt consumed me, and the negative, condemning, judgmental reactions of some close friends who were a part of my small group only served to make me run farther away from the church. I was scared to death, hurting, and alone. I had an abortion when I was 15 weeks pregnant. It went against everything I had believed in, but I felt at the time that it was my only option. Afterwards, I coped by drinking heavily and developed a severe alcohol problem, as well as an eating disorder. I was sexually assaulted by a close friend, and was in a very toxic, abusive relationship for far longer than I’d like to admit. I was hurting, broken, bitter, and resentful. During this time, I began to see some of your Facebook posts, since we’ve been connected on here for quite some time. Initially, your posts and articles upset me, as I was very defensive and guarded about my abortion and attempted to justify it to others and myself. But in my heart, the points you made hit a nerve and resonated with me deeply and I knew that you were right. Your posts made me think and question what I really believed. It may sound strange, but that made all the difference for me, and was a key factor in my decision to come back to church and give Christianity another shot. It’s been a long road and I am still dealing with the repercussions of that choice, but today my walk with Jesus is stronger and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. I am involved in a great church, and have had many opportunities to share my story with others. Thank you for being so vocal and standing up for what you believe. Thank you for being so passionately pro-life. Thank you for the work that you do. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it.

I hope everyone who just read that kind note would now acknowledge two things:

First, the claim that no one ever changed his mind because of a Facebook post is more than just empirically false. It is a psychological mechanism that people use to assuage their guilt for failing to stand up for the truth.

Second, the claim that causing people offense by simply speaking the truth is “counterproductive” and makes them “move away from the position you are actually advocating” is both reckless and untrue. Sometimes causing offense or discomfort is the beginning of a deep spiritual awakening.

There is a huge space between condemning people, which is wrong, and making people comfortable with our silence, which is also wrong. Within that huge space we need to speak the truth boldly. Otherwise, the enemy will continue to gain ground and create an illusion of consensus that his lies are actually true.

These are tough times and many people are wondering when the Second Coming will occur. We don’t know exactly when that will happen. All we know is that it won’t be until after the Gospel is spread to all four corners of the Earth.

So what was that you were saying about the futility of speaking the truth?

Sending Out An SOS

A group of concerned students in the UNC system has decided to March on Raleigh to demand changes in the wake of several recent incidents in the UNC system. Calling themselves the Stressed Out Students, or SOS, the group is seeking to expand on a number of student’s rights initiatives, which have already been implemented in the United Kingdom. They are hoping that the recent inauguration of Governor Roy Cooper will help their movement gain political momentum. Some incidents that led to formation of the new group include the following:

-Several freshmen math and science students at N.C. State reported being told that their answers were “wrong” in front of other students.
-On the day following the presidential election the counseling services center at UNC-Asheville was undermanned causing some students to have to wait nearly one hour to obtain counseling for post election depression.
-UNC-Chapel Hill has experienced budget cuts and has been forced to replace Orgasm Awareness Week with Orgasm Awareness Day.
-The Women’s Centers on several campuses have run out of condoms and sex toys causing numerous students to have to purchase their own in off campus stores that refuse to accept their UNC meal cards.
-The Appalachian State University library has refused to comply with requests for expanded trigger warnings to protect students from controversial novels by authors like William Faulkner, Mark Twain, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
-A “Jesus is the Only Way” post made online by a Christian organization offended students at UNC-Wilmington. A subsequent request by “Students for Tolerance and Diversity” to ban all Christian groups was ignored by the UNC central administration.

As a result of these incidents, SOS is demanding the creation of new Stressed Out Students Centers on all seventeen campuses. According to the proposal, some of the SOS centers would be housed within already existing Student Activity Centers thus saving taxpayers money. For example, plans for a new SOS Center at UNCW include the following:

-Remove Chick-fil-A and replace it with a petting zoo for students overwhelmed by their exams and the prospect of encountering diverse opinions.
-Convert the already existing bookstore into a depository for stuffed animals. Students would be able to fondle the furry animals in times of stress and then return them to the front desk without using their student charge cards.
-Provide comic books and stress balls on all tables, chairs and couches in the student lounge area outside the LGBTQIA Office.

The proposal is broad and is sure to be controversial. However, the initial reaction from Governor Roy Cooper seems positive. When reach by an AP reporter, he said the following:

“I like the idea of SOS centers a lot. As Attorney General, I fought hard to limit free speech in the UNC system. I spent seven years in court trying to limit the free speech rights of professors who comment on controversial issues in columns and on social media. I also fought hard to restrict the rights of Christian student groups wanting to share the Gospel on campuses like N.C. State. I admit that I failed on both counts. The result is that students are still hearing a lot of ideas that don’t conform to their worldview. And they are stressed out. I share some of the blame for that and I plan to do something about it.”

When asked what he would do about the prospect of opposition to the SOS Centers from both the state legislature and the Board of Governors, Cooper simply stated, “To hell with them. I’ll just ram them through with a series of executive orders.”

When probed about the legality of using these executive orders, Cooper’s legal counsel declined to comment. For more on this developing story, please stay tuned and keep reading Rightly Offended.

UNCW Prof Pens Fantasies About Sex With Handicapped and Dead Women: Feminists Give Him a Pass

Author’s Note: This column was previously published on It contains graphic and disturbing content. Unfortunately, the person responsible for the disturbing content is teaching at a public university at taxpayer expense. In fact, he may be teaching your children or grandchildren. Because I agree with Justice Brandeis’ assertion that sunlight is often the most powerful disinfectants, I felt compelled to write about it and now repost it.

Times are hard in academia. With so few jobs and so many brilliant minds competing for them, it’s important to publish early and often before even thinking about applying for a tenure track academic position. Alessandro Porco knew that as well as anyone. So before he applied for a position as an assistant professor in the English Department at UNC-Wilmington, he made sure to publish a collection of some of his best poetry under title Augustine in Carthage: And Other Poems. Porco’s writing provides a pretty good overview of the kind of material that will help an aspiring English professor stand out among other applicants at UNCW.

For the record, I’ve read Augustine in Carthage in its entirety. It was the worst half hour I ever spent without my Glock 23. In fact, I was in the Starbucks just up the road from a topless bar called Pure Gold. But I felt like I was actually in a topless bar when I read the first poem in Porco’s collection. In that poem, Allesandro finds himself in the “Club Super Sexe” having drinks and writing poetry about his experiences. He writes about getting a lap dance from one stripper who starts “Gyrating her country hips atop (his) stoic d***.” It was all down hill from there.

As I read more of Porco’s poetry, I realized that he really wasn’t writing in a topless bar. He was actually writing in a topless and bottomless bar. In fact, he wrote that every “tw*t was bald” in Club Sexe. Porco must not have liked the cleanly shaven strippers because, according to his poetic account, he goes to a different bar where people can get their “testicles tickled” and their “perineums rubbed.”

But Professor Porco doesn’t just pick bars where one can get sexual favors for money. He picks bars where one can also find good conversation. In fact, Porco recounts one conversation he had in a strip bar with a war veteran who told Professor Porco he liked to “f*** (his) wife with a strap-on dildo.”

In the same poem, Professor Porco talks about his “upholstered d*** drawn with the heroic elasticity of Plastic Man.” For some reason, ladies and gentlemen, it appears that the professor likes to write about having his penis pulled out and exposed in a bar. He continues, writing, “my ding dong did settle in a seat at the table of sad M. Hilver for a last nightcap.” Ok, so the professor is sitting at a table with another man in a strip bar with his penis pulled out. Nothing could possibly go wrong here.

Fortunately, Professor Porco next speaks of his “comic-western d***” coiled around Hilver’s neck and “choking out one last breath.” I say “fortunately” because this is the first point in Porco’s poetic collection where it becomes clear that he is not always writing about his actual sexual experiences, but instead about sexual fantasies. In other words, he didn’t actually kill anyone with his penis. That will be very reassuring to readers of this column before my little book review is finished. But I’m getting somewhat ahead of myself.

Porco includes a total of 17 rambling poems in his Augustine in Carthage collection. But they are all extremely academic and educational. For example, Professor Porco informs us that “Graduate students at SUNY Buffalo give awful blowjobs; they’ve no sense of rhythm.” But Porco has great rhythm – poetic rhythm, that is. How else would he subtlety blend a line like “Hey go f*** yourself” into the middle of one of his poems?

Byron and Keats, move over. I’ve discovered Alessandro Porco!

As great as this poetry is, and as much of a genius as Alessandro Porco is, some of his work really stands head and shoulders above the rest. I believe that “We So Seldom Look on Nantucket” is his finest poem. Here are some samples:

“I once had a vision at Lourdes
-Not of Mary, but of Traci Lords;
It fits that Jes*s
Rimes with ‘oh, Jes*s!’
Cuz I saw Traci Blowing the L*rd.”

You can’t be a poetic genius unless you blaspheme the name of Jesus. Well, maybe you can be a genius but you can’t count on landing a job teaching English at UNCW unless you insult Jesus. So now his success in finding work at UNCW makes a little more sense to those who cannot appreciate his raw intellect.

Say what you want about Alessandro Porco but he’s no ordinary pervert. He is actually a very creative one. For example, here’s a stanza he writes about having sex with a handicapped woman:

“There once was a Princess amputee,
Arms to her elbows, legs to her knees;
Just a head and a stump
‘Twas my duty to hump;
She: ‘My thanks, kind Knight, for your perversity.’”

Well, at least Professor Porco knows he’s a pervert. But he’s capable of taking things to a whole new level in a department of cutting edge postmodern eloquence. You might want to keep young children from reading the following stanza, which is more suitable for a college audience:

“I met an old whore at Nantucket;
As we humped she kicked the bucket;
But I stayed the course
And skunked in her corpse;
We so seldom look on Nantucket!”

This isn’t to suggest that Professor Porco actually had sex with a dead woman. It sounds like it’s just a sexual fantasy. And that’s not disturbing at all for parents of UNCW students, is it? We’re all adults here — unless, of course, someone is preaching the Gospel on university property.

To be dead serious for a moment, the fact that a man can write a poem fantasizing about fornicating with a corpse and not be disqualified from the profession of molding young minds is quite illuminating. It shows that intellectual rigor mortis has truly set in within the halls of academe.

Hopefully, Meryl Streep will come to the defense of any handicapped women who were offended by Professor Porco’s comments about his “duty to hump” a woman without arms and legs. We already know where the feminists in the English Department stand.

Cosmo, Porco, and Me

Earlier this month my life was changed dramatically. In fact, I am no longer the man I used to be. I’ve finally hit the big time and made it into Cosmopolitan magazine. The editors finally took a break from running their special series on ten ways to pleasure a man using peanut butter in order to run an article decrying me for my alleged misogyny.

I have to admit that after appearing in such a widely circulated magazine I feel pretty honored. But because I am a humble person (more humble than anyone I know) I must admit that I do not deserve the honor of being the first UNC-Wilmington professor featured in Cosmo. That honor should have gone to English professor Alessandro Porco.

Professor Porco has been the author of some deeply moving poetry with titles including “Ménage à Bush twins” and “Did I Shave My Nuts For This?” Porco once described his first book as “an ode to an adult-film star affectionately referred to as ‘the anal queen.’”

For his second book, Porco penned Augustine in Carthage, and Other Poems. Here’s a brief excerpt from one of the poems:

“Who would say No to a gang-bang?
Who would say No to Prof. Poon-Tang?
Who would say No to my scholarly toungin?
Thank you fathers for your daughters.”

It seems to me that Professor Porco sees women as nothing more than sex objects whose main purpose in life should be to provide sexual pleasure for men. So why did Cosmo give Porco as pass and go after me instead? The answer is twofold.

First of all, Cosmo shares Porco’s view of women. In fact, the very next article that went up on their website (right after the one attacking me) was so sexually explicit it could have been written by Professor Porco himself. The article actually gave women tips on how they could perform oral sex on their man for longer periods of time without experiencing jaw ache. I can almost hear Helen Reddy chiming in now …

I am woman,
Hear me roar!
Pleasuring my man,
For longer than before!

Second, and more importantly, Cosmo shares Porco’s politics. Porco is a leftist and so are the writers at Cosmo. Does anyone remember the reporter who said she would gladly perform oral sex on Bill Clinton just for keeping abortion legal?

Look no further than this. I am a pro-life speaker. I am fighting hard to make abortion illegal. And that is why Cosmo hates Mike Adams. Abortion is seen as a necessity for women who view themselves as being sex objects whose very existence revolves around providing men with endless sexual pleasure without consequences.

Through all of the madness following their hit piece, I was heartened when a young Cosmo reader wrote saying that she went to my Facebook page after reading about me. She had this to say:

“The point of this message is to inform you that you got me thinking. Nowadays, Americans can get so up in arms over some of the smallest things–I’m sure you are receiving quite a bit of hate mail. I believe that in today’s America, we are somewhat desensitized to many concepts and arguments. Personally, not many things I read resonate with me anymore. But after developing my own opinion on you, your posts, and even the Cosmopolitan article, I found myself compelled to express to you that you had an impact on me in the way that you made me really stop and think about something. I thank you for that.”

That’s the way it should be. So, fathers, please protect your daughters from the likes of Professor Porco. But also protect your daughters from Cosmo. Raise her up to think more of herself than simply being a sex toy born to pleasure her “man.”

That’s all for today. I’ll have more or Professor Porco in the next installment later this week.