Is Lifeway Books Pro Life?

Like many in the pro-life movement, I was excited to see my publisher (Regnery) release a timely book about the notorious serial killer/abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. Within a couple of days of its release I noticed that the book had shot up to #4 on Amazon. I immediately put it in my Amazon cart and prepared to “proceed to checkout.” However, when I glanced at the item in my cart it said, “usually ships in 1 to 2 months.” I knew I could not wait that long to read it. So I reluctantly headed down to Barnes and Noble to make the full price purchase.

When I got to Barnes and Noble I was quickly reminded of why I don’t like to shop there. The front table was overflowing with “new releases.” However, Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer was not among them. So I asked one of their employees why not. She explained that it was over in the “true crime” section.

There, in the far corner of the store, I found just one copy of Gosnell buried among a bunch of outdated true crime novels. The item wasn’t displayed and discounted like many of the other new releases. I was so irritated I decided to head to Lifeway, our town’s only Christian book store, to make the purchase there.

When I walked into Lifeway, I immediately saw their new release section directly in front of me. After looking through the small section and not finding Gosnell, I approached the woman working at the register and asked her to direct me to the pro-life section. I was disappointed when she told me Lifeway doesn’t have a pro-life book section. All they have is a section called “current issues.” She assured me that I could find the pro-life books there.

I took a look through the entire “current issues” section. There were a few books on homosexuality and a few dozen by authors telling us they were sure the world was about to end. But there was no Gosnell and only one book on the issue of abortion. It was on how to share the gospel with a woman after she had an abortion. It was only about 100 pages long. Just to the right of the book, I found a “finance” shelf with close to fifty different selections.

That pretty well sums up the state of the American church. For every Christian committed to defending the unborn, there are fifty “Christians” who are only committed to defending their 401k.

I wish Lifeway would make a statement by putting a pro-life apologetics section in all of their stores. But they are a just a business that serves and reflects the interests of churchgoers rather than proactively shaping the Christian culture.

Regardless, the book selection at Lifeway is a crude reminder of the indisputable fact that abortion only exists with the consent of the church.

10 thoughts on “Is Lifeway Books Pro Life?”

  1. Reason number 999 of why traditional book retailers are dying while Costco and Amazon thrive.

    By the way, your column about the socialite who had an abortion along with the description of the funeral for the child exposed the narcissism behind th gruesome practice,.

  2. Mike you’re the best. Thanks for this timely article. It truely is amazing the unspoken disrespect for life on all sides. Birth to death. Thanks for all you do.

  3. I was recently reminded of how many of our brothers and sisters still tacitly support abortion with their votes. People I see every Sunday in the pews. Disappointing.

  4. I once contacted CBD and complained about them selling the gender neutral NIV. I was told that they are a distributor of Christian books not a Christian distributor of books.

  5. I have loved Lifeway’s bargain book section (a little too much) and have stocked my bookcase with more books than I have time to read. Rarely have trouble finding my favorite apologetic authors. But when I wanted to study early church history and read some of the writings of the early church fathers… they have zilch.

  6. Somewhat off the topic of disappointing “Christian” bookstore (and frankly “bookstores” would be more appropriate, and “trinket outlet” more accurate), but if Amazon says Gosnell ships in 1-2 months, it’s only there are far too few people ordering it. Perhaps it is a self-perpetuating cycle (no one orders because it takes so long to ship, and it takes so long because no one orders), but if even 10% of your readership ordered Gosnell from Amazon today, it would be on your (our) doorstep by Tuesday.

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