Letter to a “Progressive” Entrepreneur

Dear Owner:

For years, I have enjoyed dining at your restaurant. Having been raised in Texas, I’ve always had a love of Mexican food. Granted, the Mexican food isn’t as good here on the East Coast as it is in the great nation of Texas. But your food is adequate, the atmosphere is good, and the service is excellent. So I have enjoyed dining here in general – and especially when I am in a rush and want to take advantage of your fast service.

As you can probably imagine, I was disappointed when I arrived at your establishment last Thursday and found that it was closed as part of a national protest known as the “Day Without Immigrants.” When I later found out that you decided to join this protest specifically in response to the immigration policies of Donald Trump I was much more than disappointed. I was quite irritated.

Let me state up front that I believe you have every right to shut down your own establishment in order to make a political statement. The constitution protects your speech just as it has protected bigoted, unintelligent, and childish political speech for years. In fact, unlike your fellow leftists, I also think you have a right to serve whomever you want whenever you want. If you choose to deny serving someone then you pay the price for your bigotry by losing business. But that is another topic for another day. Presently, I would just like to respond to your bad political speech with much better speech. Thankfully, that will not be difficult.

The very idea that you would protest Trump’s war on illegal aliens by showing us how valuable legal aliens like yourself are to the community is simply asinine. It takes hard work to come up with such an irrelevant commentary on social policy. It also takes a healthy dose of irrationality to be willing to forfeit a day’s worth of profit to subsidize such an inane political statement.

I thought about the idiocy of your silly protest after I left your establishment and drove to another Mexican restaurant about a mile away. When I got there, I walked in and ordered quickly. I was served in just a few minutes and the food was excellent. Before I left, I made sure to go back up to the register and leave a generous tip before leaving in a rush to make a scheduled meeting. (I was a few minutes late in case you were wondering).

Note also that before I left I made sure to thank the owner for remaining open and celebrating capitalism rather than shutting his doors in order to celebrate disdain for our laws by supporting those who engage in willful and criminal violation of our immigration policies.

So why am I telling you all of this in a long, typed-out note left on the table in place of my usual tip? Well, let’s just say that I wanted to remind you of a couple of things.

First, old conservative white guys like me who are in this country legally make pretty good money and are thus able to eat out frequently. Second, we are generally very good tippers.

But you won’t be seeing any more of my tips. That’s because you won’t be seeing me any more at all. I am taking my business to the other Mexican place that doesn’t inconvenience me by engaging in inane political protests that fly in the face of fundamental respect for law and order. My father, grandfather, and many great veterans who fought to protect this nation from invasion from hostile enemies taught that respect to me. That is why I must now say, “Adios, amigo.”

Your former customer,

Mike S. Adams.

11 thoughts on “Letter to a “Progressive” Entrepreneur”

  1. Appreciate this except where you write, “If you choose to deny serving someone then you pay the price for your bigotry by losing business.”
    Calling it bigotry to deny service also indicts Christian who won’t cater gay wedding, a position which I find to be reasonable and principled, not bigoted. Agree?

    1. As Mike argued, “In fact, unlike your fellow leftists, I also think you have a right to serve whomever you want whenever you want.” If Christians choose to deny serving someone, then they are willing to pay the price for acting on the conscience by losing business. We have no problem with that.

      But the cases before the public involve not just losing the business of homosexualists, but being slapped with ruinous fines by government. That’s an entirely different story, which is why your argument is a false analogy.

      1. Exactly. Mike didn’t sue them for their stand, he simply decided to withdraw his patronage. No comparison at all to the pettiness that the Christian businesses in question have had to endure.

    2. How is denying service to someone based on their sexual preference reasonable? You have every right to be unreasonable and to hold principles others disagree with, but claiming to be reasonable does not make it so.

  2. Mike….
    I feel exactly the way YOU feel about it…..and I resent those who replied before me…
    putting down Christians and linking them together with the terms “Bigots” and “homo-
    That means, to me, that THEY are Bigots and Homosexuals!
    That aside….please do tell me which Mexican restaurant it was…because I do not want to
    do business with them either…and I have a right to do business with whom I please!
    And as far the all the “leftists” who don’t LIKE it…guess what? I could care less WHAT

  3. Dr. Adams did exactly the right thing. I applaud his actions.

    I’m curious about the identity of the restaurants also.

    God bless Dr. Adams and the free market.

  4. If Mr Adams publishes the restaurant name(s), what is accomplished but heaping shame and praise on the two establishments. A better response would be for you, dear reader, to affect your local businesses by investigating them and finding out if they are blameworthy or laudable. Then responding either verbally or in writing. These responses are not in vain and many a policy has been changed because of a few “squeeky wheels.” As great as comments to articles and tweets are, more powerful are kind words or pointed and reasoned criticism to an owner. Vote with your dollars and a fanny in their seat, but every once in a while give them your two cents – pro or con. You don’t have to be Mike Adams (as influential as he is) to make a difference in your community.

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