University President Schools “Professor” On Free Speech

“Professor” Greg Thatcher of Fresno State was the subject of my last column here on Rightly Offended. If you read the column, you know that my friends at The Alliance Defending Freedom (see have sued him. In response, he now says he thinks the lawsuit is “hilarious.” If Thatcher were an intelligent man he would start to take the lawsuit seriously – especially after a recent public statement by Fresno State University President Joseph I. Castro. As you read the following, try not to imagine the sound of a bus running over “Professor” Thatcher:

Fresno State supports and defends the right of students to free speech and the peaceful expression of ideas on campus. The university’s policy is clear: free speech on campus is not limited to a “free speech zone” or any other narrowly defined area. Universities have an obligation to encourage the free expression of ideas, values and opinions.

The students who wrote the chalked messages received prior university approval and were well within their rights to express themselves in this manner.

Those disagreeing with the students’ message have a right to their own speech, but they do not have the right to erase or stifle someone else’s speech under the guise of their own right to free speech. We are reviewing this matter and take the situation very seriously.

Fresno State President Joseph I. Castro

So, there you have it. Fresno State is not standing behind its fascistic public health professor as this case moves forward. They have thrown him under the bus with a statement, which unequivocally shows him to be in violation of the rights of the student/plaintiffs. You don’t need to be an expert in evidence law to understand that this statement is more than just relevant and admissible in federal court. It is also dispositive in the case against Thatcher. My free advice to “Professor” Thatcher is simple: Go get a lawyer and settle this case as soon as possible.

My free advice for those of you who have time on your hands (assuming you are not a fascist professor who is busy defending himself in a First Amendment lawsuit at his own place of employment) is to write a short “thank you” note to Fresno State University President Joseph I. Castro at this address:

We seldom hear university presidents make such strong an unequivocal statements in support of free speech. When they do, they need to hear from us.

6 thoughts on “University President Schools “Professor” On Free Speech”

  1. Thanks, Mike. I find some reassurance in this development; it seems counter to so much of what is happening.

    May I humbly suggest that your metaphor of choice–throwing one under the bus–generally is used to criticize an action. Per Wikipedia, “To throw (someone) under the bus” is an idiomatic phrase in American English meaning to sacrifice a friend or ally for selfish reasons.” I think you do not mean to criticize the university president but to affirm, right?

  2. “Throw someone under a bus” is used to describe a sort of mistreatment. It doesn’t apply here. This “professor” isn’t being mistreated. He’s being given his just desserts.

  3. The guy didn’t have tenure yet, and thought he could get away with this. It is one thing to take a stand, knowing you are risking your future (Thomas Klocek); it is quite another to pull a stunt like this, untenured, and assume the University will protect you. The fellows in the Admin. are too busy covering their own hides. And yes, they ARE throwing him under a bus–or to the wolves–to save themselves. They don’t actually give a toss about this or any other issue, but since he isn’t tenured, they can kick him to the curb more easily.

  4. I think you’re all taking the under the bus thing too literally. I hope that President Castro (I almost thought this was a trolling article until I went to the U of Fresno web site… it still produces somewhere between a snicker and a shiver to refer to El Presidente Castro … ) is legit and serious about what he’s doing. His statement is very middle of the road … so in that sense, I wasn’t sure if Mike was talking about the more literal “under the bus” meaning (Cynical Castro being cynical: “sorry bro, you’re baked political baggage. not much I can do for you … except hone my underbus passing game a bit.”… ) or if Castro is not a pro-safeplace-r but a staunch closet conservative who has put this academic carpetbagger in his place (Legit Castro legitimately defending legitimate free speech) ?

    Thanks for the chortles.

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