Die In Place

Some years ago, I received a note from a reader who made a generous contribution in support of my efforts to expose the hypocrisy, treachery, and filth that pervades higher education. Every time I consider cutting back on the time I put into this effort I sit down read his note. I would also urge all of you to read the following:

Dear Dr. Adams:

Perhaps you have received communications with similar language but, please allow me to explain the meaning of (the subject line of my email) “Die In Place”.

Years ago while in training as a Marine Officer, I first heard the expression “Die In Place”. The phrase was used as a teaching point to understand the concept of “Mission Type Orders”.

This concept directs that simple and concise orders be provided to subordinates without dictating the minutia of how to accomplish the assigned mission. A Marine given “Mission Type Orders” must; 1) assess the situation, 2) identify his tasks, and 3) develop an operational concept designed to accomplish his mission.

Simply put, a Marine given “Die in Place” orders understands the gravity of the situation as follows:

– He occupies the key terrain of his unit positions.
– There may be NO withdrawal or retreat.
– There are NO alternate or supplementary positions.
– There will be NO attachments or reinforcements.
– The position MUST be held.
– Failure to do so will result in the literal destruction of all friendly forces and the ability to successfully conclude the conflict.

In other words, death is preferable to the resulting loss of Marine Corps honor, culture, and prestige if he fails.

I believe you hold this key terrain in the realm of academia. If we fail to correct our educational philosophy and put an end to the continuous and grievous assault on the minds of our nation’s youth, we will lose all. As a nation we will likely survive any challenge (military, political, economic), but failure to change the current socialist/anti-American attitude in our academic institutions will ultimately result in our undoing as a nation as we slowly drift away from belief in our individual liberties and freedom. Education is the foundation for the continued success of our nation. We cannot allow it to crumble.

It is apparent to me that you clearly understand the importance of your position and the tasks that must be accomplished to end the assault on academic excellence. You routinely expose the hypocrisy, perfidy, and filth perpetrated at our colleges and universities. I also appreciate and commend your operational concept of an aggressive assault on those you identify. By identifying those responsible for the activities you expose, you allow direct participation in reestablishing academic excellence. I love it.

Few, if any of your peers strike directly at the specific individuals, events, and institutions that are detrimental to our long-standing academic values. Your recent columns indicate you have the attention of your targets and have also energized support for your efforts. I applaud you for this success.

Another lesson from my time in the Marines is that you always “Reinforce success, never failure”. Your recent columns demonstrate success and I am compelled to support your efforts. I recently returned from Iraq where we are provided hazardous duty pay. I have forwarded some of that pay to you for the hazardous duty you perform. I know that by embarking on your current course, you are at risk professionally and personally and I wish you well in your efforts. I will continue to support when I can and I look forward to assisting in stepping on a cockroach or two.

Perhaps I have stated the obvious to you, but what you are doing is that important to our educational system and I as I write the following, it is meant with all due respect and sincerity,

Die in Place.

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  1. Wow,
    If that endorsement isn’t worth a fortune then no endorsement is ?
    Congratulations Dr Adams on having the talent and the forum to have that much influence on that soldier

  2. The humor you use (which I enjoy) when exposing the ridiculous things going on in academia may sometimes cause some to overlook the gravity of the information you bring. I appreciate the writer of this letter clarifying that what you are doing is very important.

  3. yes. I am often stunned by what is done in the name of “education” that should be called “indoctrination to foolishness”. It seems that common sense is no longer at all common, truth is old-fashioned, integrity and honesty are irrelevant, wisdom is ignored, and the things that are esteemed are purely and simply destructive. Please continue to fight the good fight.

  4. I came across your post via a conservative Facebook group post. I commend you for taking the brave steps that you are in trying to turn our educational system around. Lots of people will gripe and complain, but very few will actually pick up a torch and wage war with the darkness. Thank you for picking up this torch.

  5. I am frightened by how few of you and your appreciative understudy are left in this world. I wonder if “Die in Place” might be a significant component of Jesus’ exhortation for us all to die to self . . . Right where we are.

  6. “Reinforce success, never failure”

    Sounds to me like a sound argument for abandoning mainstream academia.

    I very much like and agree with the way you’re fighting the battle, but I think it would be wiser for you to pick a different battle. The mainstream tertiary academic system, especially the state-run component of it, should be the polar opposite of something to “die in place” over.

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