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Dear Wells Fargo Customer Service:

I recently received your form-letter apology in which you expressed regret over systematic corruption within your organization, which you now claim is not a reflection of “Wells Fargo values.” I really only have two things to say in response to your letter. The first thing I want to say is “I told you so.” If I really am, as you stated, one of your “valued customers,” I hope you will keep reading this letter and take my suggestions more seriously than you have in the past.

If you will recall, I wrote to you several months ago complaining about the declining moral climate at Wells Fargo. I’ve written about your company publicly since then and you have also received numerous letters from readers of my column. In fact, you dismissed our concerns out of hand. Now your arrogance and smug moral superiority is coming back to haunt you. You are paying a price in rapidly declining public confidence.

In addition to reminding you that you were warned, I also want to respond at length to your assertion that the recent controversies at Wells Fargo are not a reflection of your so-called values. That is simply demonstrably (and laughably) false. In fact, “Wells Fargo values” are the but-for cause of your recent troubles. Let me elaborate using five incidents that demonstrate the nature of Wells Fargo’s true agenda.

1. Earlier this year, in February, when I was attempting to cash a check in line at Wells Fargo, one of your tellers tried to recruit me to wear purple on anti-bullying day as a show of solidarity with the LGBT community.

2. In April, Wells Fargo decided to light up its Charlotte headquarters with the colors of the transgendered flag. This was timed in order to protest HB2 and further inject Wells Fargo into the realm of aggressive LGBT activism.

3. In June, you began to offer a customized credit card option, which you advertised on the home screen of your ATM machines in Colorado where I live in the summers. The specific card you used as a customized example was rainbow-colored and emblazoned with the word “PRIDE.” This meant that every time I went to make a withdrawal the first thing of which I was reminded was your unending obsession with homosexuality.

4. In July, I learned that you were boycotting the GOP convention – apparently because your company considered Donald Trump to be too offensive and divisive. Nonetheless, you continued to make appearances at gay pride parades. Although the GOP was too offensive for you, you did not mind marching together with the kind of men who wear assless chaps and do pelvic thrusts on public streets in front of women and children.

5. In August, a wealthy Christian businesswoman and regular reader of my column wrote to tell you she was closing her accounts with you due to your obsession with the celebration of the gay lifestyle. You responded by effectively telling her to take her business elsewhere because you are “committed” to the LGBT community.

Putting this all together we can now talk about how best to characterize your “values.” I am placing the word “values” in scare quotes because these incidents do not reflect a core set of objective values. They reflect a worldview known as postmodernism, which rejects the idea of moral objectivity altogether.

Put simply, the postmodernist does not really believe in objective truth. Instead, he sees the word “truth” as nothing more than a manifestation of an ongoing power struggle waged over the control of social narratives. Therefore, instead of seeing truth in objective terms, the postmodernist often sees “truth” a function of oppression whereby the majority suppresses minority narratives.

This explains why the postmodernist always sides with the victim de jour in our nation’s ongoing cultural wars. One day it means siding with radical feminists, the next day it means siding with militant black separatists, the next with the LGBT community, and so on.

The obvious problem is that without any attachment to objective truth there really is nowhere to draw the line. That is why Wells Fargo had no difficulty crossing the line from defending adults who wish to engage in consensual sodomy to defending those who wish to mutilate their own genitalia. Let me make the bottom line as simple as I possibly can and put it in bold letters so you cannot easily ignore it:

Once you have decided that it is morally permissible to encourage people to surgically alter their genitals and fraudulently pass themselves off as members of the opposite sex in order to pursue their basest sexual fantasies there really are no more boundaries.

So if you work for Wells Fargo why would you not open fraudulent accounts in order to obtain commissions with the intent of closing the accounts before anyone notices?

Who says that’s wrong in any objective sense of the term?

Isn’t it just another example of the powerful management class at Wells Fargo trying to impose a dominant narrative on the powerless workers?

Unless you have good answers to the above questions your “Wells Fargo values” having nothing to do with right and wrong. They are nothing more than unbridled hedonism. That is why I was so amused just one hour ago when I logged on to YouTube to watch a video that was preceded by a Wells Fargo apology advertisement. The ad opened by claiming that Wells Fargo is taking steps to “make things right.”

In reality, Wells Fargo is still lying to cover its true motives in order to keep things left. That is why it is time for you to go ahead and declare moral bankruptcy.

You aren’t fooling anyone anymore.

8 thoughts on “Wells Fargo Values”

  1. Have you had a look at charitable giving by Bank of America? You will find that they donate to gay charities as well as black lives matter. Please take a look at all the major banks.

  2. Sadly, I just opened a business account with this bank. Never had a personal or business account with them but I chose them for the kind of banking I can do overseas and to satisfy legal requirements. I appreciate the insight and will consider other options once my business takes off. I hadn’t realized they were going the way of target, planet fitness and others to lift up lunacy.

  3. Thanks, Mike, for speaking truth to Wells Fargo. God has given you a gift for constructing sentences and paragraphs that precisely convey the logic capable of exposing the fraud—both the ideological fraud and the fraud in practice. Ultimately the two are inseparable, and you demonstrate that fact brilliantly. God bless you.

  4. Thanks for keeping the heat on these virtue-signaling hypocrites, Mike. I pastor a Southern Baptists Church in the south and we just closed our account with Wells Fargo and moved our business to a local bank.

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